Training is defined as: One or a series of formal planned activities that are instructional in nature and are developed for the purpose of conveying course content leading to the attainment of demonstrable abilities, skills and knowledge. To meet both present and future needs of the organization.


Ashmi is committed to training all its employees for:


  • Ensuring that it meets the specific needs of the Business Strategic Plan and the Mission of the company
  • Full development and utilization of its employees’ potential
  • Receiving necessary training on abilities, skills, knowledge, habits and attitudes related to their own jobs and individual growth
  • Effectively performing their responsibilities
  • Providing opportunities to improve on their current job performance
  • Allowing expansion or enhancement at the current job level
  • Performing outside their current job but at the same level of responsibility
  • Implementation of a program on career development that will attract and retain persons of superior ability and potential