Ashmi Life Science Pvt. Ltd. is a chemistry-based company specializing in the
design and synthesis of organic compounds for the pharmaceutical, drug
discovery, agrochemical and biotechnology industries.

Ashmi Life Science Pvt. Ltd. offers a custom synthesis service of compounds
that are not commercially available (at the mg and gram scales). You just
send us the required compound (chemical name or/and CAS number), and
we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible (usually within the
24 – 48 hours). As for the price, the quote will include our estimated time for
the synthesis. Custom synthesis is our core business.

We supply building blocks for combinatorial chemistry and intermediates
for organic synthetic chemistry. Our major products include the kinds of
compounds that cannot be found in the major catalogues, such as boronic
acids, heteroaromatic acids, amines (primary and secondary) and

Ashmi Life Science Pvt. Ltd. catalog of rare and R & D chemicals can be
searched by structure, chemical name and by molecular formula directly
from our site. Catalog in Adobe PDF, Isis-Base and SD file are also